Humanist Funeral Service

Here at TDM Funerals, we pride ourselves on offering a warm and personal service to everyone, no matter their preferences or beliefs. A non-religious funeral isn’t tied to any traditions or rituals and serves to honour the deceased and let mourners offer their condolences. A non-religious funeral might still have the same elements of a more traditional funeral, such as eulogies and non-religious funeral readings.

A non-religious can still include various religious traditions if you so wish and can also be held in a religious place, as The Church of England allows non-believers to have a funeral in their place of worship.

We offer the highest level of care and service standards, so you can rest assured you’ll receive everything you request, down to the finest detail. We can arrange:

  • Non-religious funeral readings
  • Non-religious funeral music
  • Non-religious burials
  • Flower arrangements

To discuss our non-religious funeral services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team today. We offer arrangements and appointments to give you the ultimate convenience and comfort during this challenging time. We are dedicated to bringing affordable funerals to all our customers, to alleviate financial pressures during this difficult time. For more information on our non-religious funeral services, please get in touch with a member of our team today.