Meet our Team

TDM Funeral Services Ltd is a family-run company with a compassionate team on hand to help. Offering 24/7, 365 day guidance and reassurance, we’re always here for you when you need us most. We bring our affordable funeral services to families across the whole of the South East of England.

Our funeral director, Lucy, is supported by a team of experienced individuals. Please read on below to meet the team.

  • Lucy Howard - Funeral Director and Original Founder

    Our funeral director has been looking after families for over 18 years, starting out as a funeral home assistant as a Saturday job at the age of 15. Upon leaving school, Lucy trained first as an embalmer before training as a funeral arranger and finally a funeral director. Lucy worked for some very well known high street funeral directors before finally deciding in 2014 to open TDM Funeral Services.

    Named after her daughters, she felt that the funeral sector had become increasing expensive and had lost touch with what families really wanted when arranging the funeral of a loved one. She felt the need to provide funerals that offered choice and allowed families to personalise funerals for the life they lived without the financial stress. Why should the cost of a funeral dictate how a family said goodbye to those they love most?

    Lucy also wanted to offer families direct funeral services that really cared about families; services that, no matter how simple or inexpensive, did not compromise on care, tradition or quality.

    “TDM Funeral Service families are treated as uniquely as the life they are marking and it is my wish that each and every family is offered the opportunity to give their loved one a dignified and personal funeral regardless of their budget.”

  • Lana Wilson-Agate - Funeral Arranger and Funeral Director

    Joined Tdm Funeral Services in 2023 after a career in Mechanics, it was after the loss of a loved one that Lana decided to retrain and is now a funeral arranger and Trainee Funeral Director.

    Lana is passionate about caring for our families and offering services that are unique while still being affordable.

    Lana lives with her wife, daughter Hattie and their Chihuahua, She enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.