What to do when death happens

What to do if there is a death at home

If your loved one passes away in the home, it can be a distressing time – but there are several steps that must be completed. Firstly, your local doctor must be informed who will be required to issue the relevant medical certificates so you may register the death.

Next, inform a professional funeral director – TDM Funeral Services Ltd are on hand 24/7, 365 days a week to attend in the event of a death. We will take your loved one into our care and assist you with the funeral arrangements.

In the meantime, you should register the death by arranging an appointment with the registrar’s office – the person who does this must be able to answer questions about the person who died.

Who should you inform of a death?

Speaking about the death of a loved one may be painful, but it’s important in the long run to ensure all their affairs are in order. This avoids any confusion or difficulties down the line. When death occurs, a few key people need to be informed:

  • Insurance companies (including life insurance)
  • Landlord or housing department
  • TV licensing/electric/gas providers
  • Post office, bank or building society
  • Employer or school
  • Benefits agency
  • Credit card or loan companies
  • Inland Revenue
  • Accountant or solicitor
  • GP and dentist

TDM Funeral Services Ltd are here to help

Knowing what to do after a bereavement can be difficult. That’s why the compassionate team at TDM Funeral Services Ltd are here round the clock to support you. We specialise in affordable funerals across the South East of England covering areas such as Dover and Folkestone. We offer guidance through our range of options and services